Sales management interns Hires: 10 Experience: Unlimited Location: Melbourne
Requirements: 1. Hard worker and down to earth with high responsibility
2. Good team worker and high team cooperation ability
3. With the passion to join company
4. Want to improve personal ability and could grow up with company

We do not mind your certificate, but you do need the learning ability

Job Description: We will offer you with our management trainee rotation system. Based on personal requests, we will arrange you with to start your rotation for 2 or 3 departments.
• Sales department
1. Work hard and be passionate to new knowledge and new things
2. Be patient with client’s enquiry

• Rental Department
1. Assisting with open inspection 
2. Keeping touch with landlord and tenants
3. Preparing property reports for landlords
4. Getting more listings
• Project department
1. Updating project information
2. Communicating with third party 
3. Preparing feasi study
4. Engineering back ground requested

• Administration department
1. Answering phones and record
2. Serving client and managing office supplies
3. Preparing meeting and taking minutes 
4. Filing documents and supporting marketing docs

If you are interested in the position, please submit your resume via